Use These Etiquette Tips During Your First Bingo Experience

Posted on: 3 August 2023

Whether you visit a bingo hall on your own, with a partner, or as a part of a group of friends, you can expect to have a fun time — and the opportunity to walk out of the hall with some cash in your pocket. It doesn't take long to grasp the game of bingo, which can make it a good game for just about everyone. One thing that you'll want to understand during your first bingo experience is some simple etiquette rules. Following these rules will ensure that you're a positive member of the local bingo community. Here are three things to remember.

Converse Only During Breaks

If you visit the bingo hall with a group of friends, it can often be tempting to enjoy some conversation. Not only might you want to discuss your progress during the games, but you may also think about discussing other topics. It's best to wait until a break between games to converse. Talking during a game is generally taboo, as it affects players' ability to hear the caller. If you're conversing, there's a good chance that someone may ask you to keep your voice down. You can save yourself this embarrassment by waiting for a break to converse with those around you.

Be Sure Before You Call

Calling "bingo" because you believe that you have a winning card is the most exciting moment in a bingo game. It can be easy to be so caught up in the thrill of the competition that you think you have a bingo — only to quickly realize that you actually do not. If you believe that you have a bingo, take a few seconds to double-check your card to ensure that you actually have a winner. Falsely calling out can affect the flow of the game.

Sit Where You Can Hear

Bingo halls are equipped with good sound systems, and experienced callers use clear, loud voices throughout the game. However, if you struggle to hear, you'll want to take a seat near one of the room's speakers. It's poor etiquette to ask for clarification. This can distract those around you and interrupt the game's flow. If you find that you're having difficulty hearing, wait until the end of the game and move to a better seat before the next game begins. Use these tips to make your entry into the world of bingo go smoothly.

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