Consider These Aquarium Add-Ons

Posted on: 5 June 2023

When you're planning to visit an aquarium with your family, you might initially think of buying standard guest passes. Doing so can provide you with plenty of fun and education, but you may wish to consider seeing what add-on options are available at the venue. Lots of aquariums around the country have a list of add-on options on their websites. These are things that are separate from the standard pass to enter the venue, but that you can purchase when you buy your pass. Here are some popular add-on ideas that you may wish to think about.

Behind-The-Scenes Tour

Many aquariums give you the ability to take a behind-the-scenes tour with a guide as part of your visit—provided that you select this add-on option. This tour provides you with the unique opportunity to visit areas of the aquarium that aren't open to general visitors. You'll get to see people working on new exhibits, watch staff caring for animals, and enjoy many other sights. As a member of a small group, you'll have plenty of opportunities to ask all sorts of questions to your guide as you make your way around the venue.

Movie Theater

A lot of aquariums have on-site movie theaters that show films that focus on aquatic topics. Entry into the theater is possible with an add-on option, and it can be fun to browse the films and find one that you think you'll enjoy. Often, there will be a few different options that dive into various types of subject matter. Some venues have 3D movies, which can make for a unique experience. For many families, it's nice to sit and relax in comfortable seats for a short period of time after perhaps spending a few hours walking through the aquarium.

Animal Encounter

When you walk through the aquarium, you'll get to stand very close to certain animals—but typically have a pane of glass between you. If you visit an aquarium that has animal encounter add-on options, you'll be able to get closer to certain animals than the average visitor. These add-ons can vary a lot between locations. For example, you might get to touch certain animals or feed them. Or, you might simply be able to view them from a viewing platform that is extremely close to their enclosure. If one of these add-on options interests you, be sure to book it online when you buy your tickets in advance of your visit.

Contact a local aquarium to learn more.