A Beginner's Guide To Classic Movie Commentary Podcasts

Posted on: 7 March 2023

Classic movie commentary podcasts are becoming increasingly popular among film lovers. These podcasts offer a unique way to experience classic movies by providing insightful commentary and analysis from the hosts. If you're starting a classic movie commentary podcast, here are different segments to consider including.


The introduction segment is where the hosts introduce themselves, the movie they'll be discussing, and any special guests they have on the episode. This segment sets the tone for the rest of the podcast and gives listeners a brief overview of what to expect. 

Background Information

The hosts may provide background information on the movie, such as the production history, behind-the-scenes stories, and interesting facts. This is particularly useful for listeners who are unfamiliar with the movie or want to learn more about it.

Scene Analysis

Scene analysis is where the hosts break down specific scenes in the movie and provide commentary on the acting, cinematography, and directing. They may also discuss the significance of the scene in the context of the movie and its themes.

Character Analysis

The hosts may dedicate a segment to analyzing the characters in the movie, especially for character-driven movies. Discuss motivations, character arcs, and relationships with other characters. Hosts may also explore how the characters relate to the overall themes of the movie.

Soundtrack Analysis

The soundtrack analysis segment is an optional part focusing on the music and sound design in the movie. Hosts may analyze how the music and sound effects enhance the movie's emotional impact and contribute to the overall storytelling. There might also be a discussion of any notable songs or musical performances featured in the movie.


Trivia segments are a fun way to keep listeners engaged and test their knowledge of the movie. The hosts may ask trivia questions related to the movie or provide interesting tidbits that may not have been covered in the background information segment.

Fan Questions

Fan questions allow the hosts to engage with their audience and provide answers to any questions or comments they may have. This segment can also spark interesting discussions and provide additional insights into the movie.

Taking questions also allows hosts to address any misconceptions or misunderstandings that fans may have about the movie. They can provide clarifications and explanations to help fans better understand the movie and its themes.


The conclusion segment is where the hosts summarize their thoughts on the movie and provide their final analysis. You can also give a teaser for the next episode.