Safety Tips To Remember During A Trampoline Park Visit

Posted on: 3 February 2022

While indoor trampoline parks are popular places for children to visit, they can also be a lot of fun for adults. Whether you're a parent who wants to try bouncing with your child for the first time or you don't have any kids but you're excited to try this activity with some adult friends, you'll want to ensure that you do so safely. Trampoline parks have safety rules posted in numerous locations, as well as staff members who are available to answer any safety questions that you may have. Here are some simple safety tips that you should keep in mind during your visit.

Wear The Right Clothing

Your approach to safety should begin before you visit the trampoline park. It's important to dress correctly for this activity. You'll generally want to wear athletic attire so that you can move each of your limbs freely. Tighter clothing such as jeans can restrict your movement, which would not only inhibit the fun that you have, but could make you stumble. Shorts or leggings, T-shirts, tank tops, and other gym clothing can all work well. A lot of people favor wearing socks that have grippy material on the bottom, as they'll provide traction while bouncing. You can often get these socks at trampoline centers.

Approach Each Trampoline Cautiously

One of the fun things about a trampoline center, such as Exhilarate, is the number of trampolines that are available for use. Each of them can differ in several ways, including some being more bouncy than others. When you approach a trampoline, do so cautiously. If you've just been bouncing on one that has a moderate amount of bounce, don't automatically assume another trampoline will provide the same feeling. It's possible that the second trampoline could be a lot more springy, so starting to jump on it slowly will allow you to get used to how it feels.

Be Aware Of Others

It's always important for you to be aware of others who are bouncing and playing around you. There will likely be a lot of children in the area, and kids can sometimes get so excited that they're not aware of their surroundings. As an adult, you need to possess this awareness. For example, if a child starts bouncing too closely to you, it's prudent to move away so that there isn't a collision. By keeping these safety rules in mind, you'll have a fun and safe experience at the indoor trampoline center.