How To Choose The Right Inflatables For Your Corporate Event

Posted on: 26 May 2020

You might be thinking of doing something a little different when planning your next corporate event. Instead of booking a restaurant or conference room, you might be planning to hold an outdoor event to which employees can bring their families. It could also be a team-building event in which employees or management from satellite offices attend.

If you are looking for something different for your next corporate event, inflatable corporate party rentals might be just the thing you need. How do you choose the right inflatables for your next corporate event? Here are a few tips.

Think About Who Will Attend The Event

The first thing you must keep in mind is who is attending the event. Is it only managers and employees of the company in a team-building event? Is it an event for the families of employees to bring together all workers and enjoy some time outside of work together? You need to think about who will be there in order to decide on the types of inflatables you will rent.

If you are only inviting adults to the event, then you can choose inflatables that they will enjoy. You could choose from climbing walls, mazes, or even an inflatable bar. If you are inviting families, you could add inflatables for both adults and children to enjoy. This means having inflatables geared toward the adults and some for children, such as a bouncy castle or dry slide.

Think About What The Event Is For

You also need to think about what the corporate event is actually for. Is it for team building? Then you might want to rent inflatables that can work toward that. For example, an obstacle course could provide working together as a team if you have employees divided into groups and they must work together to solve it.

If the event is for families to gather or a celebration of an opening for a new warehouse or office, then you might want inflatables that are fun and entertaining for all ages. For example, you might want a bowling alley that both adults and children can enjoy. You could have an ax-throwing game in which rubber axes are tossed at targets, too.

Think About Where Your Event Will Be Held

It's possible to have inflatable corporate party rentals inside as well as outside, so you need to know where your event will be held before you rent any.

If you are holding your event outside at a park or onsite at your company, you might have more space for larger inflatables. The same is true if you want to have a water slide at your event; it will work best at an outdoor venue.

If you are having an indoor event, you will need to choose inflatables that are smaller and will fit into whatever else you want to have at the event.

To learn more, contact a company that offers inflatable corporate event rentals.