3 Ways To Discern Real Celebrity News

Posted on: 9 September 2019

Fakes news is a real thing. While fake stories, or strongly embellished stories, permeate all of the news, they are particularly prevalent in the celebrity news realm. While it can be tempting to indulge in some salacious gossip, that may not be your goal when looking for information on one of your favorite famous people. The truth is, there are some really great celebrity news organizations, and you can find reliable stories. There are a few ways you can test a celebrity news story to see if it's really true or not.

Is the Information Reported By More Than One News Outlet?

Even well-known celebrity news organizations have jumped the gun on stories they rushed to get out without all of the facts. If you are reading something about your favorite movie star that doesn't seem to add up, check to see if more than one news outlet is reporting the same information. Look for deviations in the facts reported. Usually, if reputable news sites are reporting a story with the same consistency, it's much more likely the information is solid. Celebrity news journalists are supposed to follow journalistic standards in the way they verify information, and most prominent news outlets rely on their own independent information sources to produce a scoop. So, consistency across reports is the best indication the story is verified.

Is the Information Reported From Multiple Sources?

It's been a trend in celebrity news for a long time to use sources that aren't named. While this doesn't necessarily mean that the information is invalid, people divulging information about a celebrity friend or acquaintance can be motivated by greed or to hurt the person they are reporting on. One of the most important things you can look for is a named source. Multiple named sources makes a story much more verifiable and reliable. 

Is There a Response or Rebuttal to the Story?

In addition to weighing how good the sources are, it's also good to consider one of the most important sources--the celebrity being reported on. Celebrities almost always respond to big news stories, especially if they are in anyway controversial or scandalous. Celebrities may use a spokesperson to relay their rebuttals, and they can often be an effort to cover-up or misdirect, but they can also do a lot to confirm whether or not a story is legitimate. When it comes to considering how a celebrity responds, it's good to pay attention to whether they confirm any facts mentioned in the story, and it's also good to pay attention to how vague they are in responding. In some cases, a celebrity will use misdirection in a response to avoid confirming something that is true. 

Most people just want the truth with any kind of news. If someone is just making something up about someone, whether they are a celebrity or not, it's good to know if something is true. Consider the sources and what they are saying. Look for bias, inconsistencies, and motives, and usually you can determine if a story is legit or not.