Are You Celebrating Your Anniversary At A Disney Theme Park?

Posted on: 27 July 2019

Is this an extra-special anniversary for you and your spouse? Perhaps you are celebrating 25 years of marriage together, or maybe it's even your 50th anniversary. If so, have you decided to honor those years by going to a Disney theme park?

If you've already been to a Disney park with your children, and maybe even your grandchildren, you already know why all Disney theme parks are considered to be some of the happiest places on the face of the earth. Or, maybe you've never been to a Disney theme park. If that's the case, prepare for one of the most incredible experiences you'll ever have. From being a kid again to experiencing Disney for adults, here are some ideas that might help you. 

Where To Stay - When you went to a Disney park with kids, maybe you were on a bit of a tight budget. If that was the case, perhaps you stayed in a hotel or a motel close to the theme park, but not actually on the Disney property. This time, since it's just the two of you, think of staying right in a Disney hotel. Because you'll be in walking distance of all of the attractions, you won't have to worry about where to park.

When you make your reservations, tell the agent that you'll be celebrating your anniversary. Don't be surprised if you receive extra attention. There will probably be a sign on your hotel room door that acknowledges this special day. 

It's true that staying in a Disney hotel right on the park property won't be cheap. However, every penny you spend will probably be one of the best investments for lodging that you've ever made.

Be A Kid Again - When you went to The Haunted Mansion with your little ones, maybe you simply couldn't enjoy the experience fully because your children were just plain scared. Maybe the kids wouldn't even get on some of the rides because they were afraid of them. Going with your spouse to all of the famous attractions will mean that you won't be distracted by frightened children. 

Don't be surprised if you get a bit melancholy when you go on rides like Peter Pan's Flight and It's A Small WorldYou might find yourself humming the song from It's A Small World after you've left the park.

Disney For Adults - Of course, the Disney parks won't tolerate extreme inebriation at any of their locations. But, the workers won't frown at you taking the famous monorail to some of the best bars you'll ever visit. Besides trying excellent wines and other alcoholic beverages, you'll enjoy great entertainment and you'll hear wonderful music. 

Be adventuresome as you sign up for Sorcerers Of The Magic KingdomIt will be a scavenger hunt unlike any other you've experienced. And, at Epcot, see The Flower and Garden Festival and visit the magnificent Art Festival. 

Don't forget to go to Disney Springs for great restaurants and where you can buy souvenirs at different shops.