5 Bachelor Party Ideas That Don't Involve Hitting the Club

Posted on: 23 May 2019

Almost everyone knows grooms supposedly want a wild and crazy bachelor party fueled by plenty of alcohol, but the reality is, not every man wants this. It seems many Millennials are changing this stereotypical tradition, opting for adventure and camaraderie instead. Whether you're the best man trying to plan an epic celebration or the groom who wants to make sure his buddies go the right direction, these ideas will get you thinking outside the box.

Visit a Tactical Laser Tag Center

What could be better than playing a tactical laser tag mission with your best friends? If you and your brothers-in-arms like playing video games, you'll love being real live characters in the game. Laser tag centers offer lots of different weapons and scenarios to choose from. Many centers even offer special bachelor party packages. You'll laugh, have fun, get exercise, and the competitive spirit will satisfy everyone. May the "best man" win!

Go Fishing

Whether it's on the deep sea or a great lake, charter fishing is an excellent way for your buddies to get together for some quality time. The excitement of hooking a big one and reeling it in is exhilarating for everyone, plus you get to enjoy some fun in the sun on the water. Larger charter boats offer cabins for overnight or weekend adventures, which means you and your buddies will have even more quality time together before the nuptials.

Hit the Greens

A golf outing is a perfect way to spend the day if you and your friends love the game of golf. If you or your friends are a novice but always wanted to learn, most golf clubs will provide lessons as well as equipment rentals. You can make it even more fun by holding a contest for best golf outfit, longest shot, and other competitions.

Visit an Escape Room

Medium and large cities usually offer at least one escape room, and what's better than working with your crew to solve a problem? You'll be locked in a room or series of room and you will have to work together to solve the clues that will grant you your freedom. The kicker? You'll be working against the buzzer as you only have so long to solve the puzzle and set yourselves free.

Head for the Woods

Camaraderie always seems to be heightened in nature. Taking a camping trip is an ideal break from reality for many men. A weekend under the stars, sharing a few beers and "remember when" stories around the campfire, fishing, swimming, and hiking is the perfect opportunity to cement the bond between you and your pals.