3 Reasons To Pick A Sound System With Multiple Subwoofers

Posted on: 16 November 2018

When you are selecting a sound system for your school, venue, company, or place of business, one of the decisions that you'll have to make is how many subwoofers you want the system to have. Some sound systems contain a single large subwoofer, while others integrate multiple smaller units.

A subwoofer is a type of speaker that specializes in producing tones with low pitches. Though a standard speaker is capable of producing these low tones, it will not have the same level of quality that a subwoofer has. Keep reading to learn why a sound system with multiple subwoofers is beneficial for your space. 

1. Multiple Subwoofers Offer Great Sound Throughout the Room

One of the drawbacks to a sound system with a single subwoofer is that it is difficult to ensure that the audio is clear and crisp at every spot in the room. The subwoofer emits sound waves that tend to sound amazing in certain portions of the room and poor in other areas of the event space. This is due to the peaks and nulls associated with sound waves.

A sound system with multiple subwoofers will flood the event space with multiple sound waves, filling the room with numerous peaks and nulls. The presence of multiple sound waves will cause the waves to overlap and increase the likelihood that the audio sounds awesome from every spot in the room.  

2. You Have More Flexibility Setting Up the Sound System

With a single subwoofer, you are limited as to how you can set up the sound system. Not only does this potentially diminish the quality of your audio, but it can also have aesthetic implications for your space. A massive speaker is much more intrusive than multiple smaller units. 

When your system has numerous subwoofers, you can experiment with speaker arrangement to determine what arrangement looks best in the space and yields the best sound. You may find that certain layouts work better for different types of audio.

3. A System with Multiple Subwoofers Spreads the Bass Around the Room

If your event's audio depends on a high level of bass, you don't want your audience to be able to tell where the bass is coming from. Not only does this hamper the quality of your audio, but many individuals also find it jarring and distracting.

Instead, you want the bass to envelop your audience from all sides. Your sound system should disperse the bass so that it doesn't overwhelm any single portion of the room. Multiple subwoofers make it easier for you to sympathetically incorporate the bass portion of your audio.

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