Three Reasons Not To Drink Before A Tattooing Session

Posted on: 3 April 2018

Some people who have a tattooing session booked will consume alcohol in advance. There are lots of reasons that people take this approach. Some people feel that a few drinks will loosen them up if they're a little anxious about the tattooing process, while others have heard the myth that being under the influence of alcohol can make a tattoo more comfortable to get. In other cases, you might be excited to celebrate the tattoo with a pre-appointment drink. Regardless of your thought process, you should avoid consuming alcohol before you get a tattoo. Here are three reasons why.

Alcohol Thins Your Blood

Alcohol thins your blood to a slight degree, and while this might not seem like a major issue in your day-to-day life, it can be a problem when you get a tattoo. Your skin around the tattoo will sometimes bleed during and after the appointment, and while this isn't an issue if you're sober, you may notice more blood if your blood has thinned as a result of consuming alcohol. While working, the tattoo artist will wipe any small specks of blood away, but it's not courteous to expect him or her to constantly be dabbing at your blood because you've consumed alcohol.

Your Judgment May Be Impaired

Although just one drink isn't likely to impair your judgment, this sentiment doesn't hold true if you've consumed several drinks. If you're even slightly intoxicated when you arrive at your tattoo session, you might make a decision that you regret. For example, you might set aside the tattoo design that you've planned over a period of weeks or even months in favor of a spontaneous idea that might seem appealing now, but that you may regret in the morning when you're sober. Being sober at the start of your tattooing session ensures that you're of the right mindset to make the correct decision for yourself.

The Artist May Not Serve You

Any reputable tattoo shop has a policy to only serve those who are sober. In many cases, this policy is clearly posted near the door of the shop. If you attend your tattoo session and your artist suspects that you're under the influence of alcohol, he or she reserves the right to not serve you. If the tattoo artist is popular and has a busy schedule, it may be several days until you can make another tattoo appointment.