Brush Up On Your Diving And Swim Strokes Prior To Trying Out For The College Swim Team

Posted on: 11 September 2017

If you enjoy swimming and hope to be chosen as a team member for the swim team at the college that you are enrolled in, brush up on diving and swim strokes that will be utilized during the testing phase for the swim team by using the options below. On the day of the swim test, you can provide the judges with your best performance while remaining confident throughout each diving or swim exercise that you need to perform:

Hire A Private Instructor

Hire a private swim lessons instructor who is willing to provide you with lessons after hours at a community center or at your home. During lessons, an instructor will advise you to perform a variety of strokes and will observe your form as you attempt to dive into the pool. Afterward, an instructor may demonstrate dives and strokes themselves so that you can witness the proper way to execute a move.

If your breathing techniques are not up to par or if you are moving your arms or legs in an awkward manner, you will be prompted to make adjustments that will allow you to dive and swim with more precision.

Take Advantage Of Recreational Swimming Sessions

Sign up for recreational swimming sessions at your local YMCA, community center, or school pool. If you choose to attend sessions at a venue that offers an olympic-sized swimming pool, you will have plenty of room to swim at leisure without needing to worry about getting in another person's way.

Practice longevity exercises, such as swimming laps back and forth across the length of the pool or holding your breath underwater for as long as possible. As you continue practicing during each session, your stamina may increase and you may find that you are able to execute moves without straining. 

Attend Swimming Meets Or Watch Sporting Events

If other colleges or secondary schools are holding swim meets nearby, attend the meets to observe team members participate against one another. Pay close attention to each participant and identify their strengths and weaknesses. If an individual continuously wins each match that they participate in, mimicking their moves when you swim may help you overcome some obstacles that were previously preventing you from attaining a peak performance.

If you live near a civic center or similar venue that hosts swimming events, purchase tickets to attend the sporting events and get a feel for what you may expect to be faced with if you asked to join the swim team at your college.