Four Tricks For Navigating A Haunted House Without Looking Like A Total Baby

Posted on: 17 August 2017

Visiting a haunted house with your friends is a great way to celebrate the Halloween season. But while getting scared is certainly fun, you don't want to look like a total baby around your friends! Here are some tips for navigating a haunted house without accidentally peeing your pants or screaming your face off.

Hold hands with someone.

Haunted houses are definitely scarier when you feel like you're isolated and alone. So, seek the comfort of a friend in your group by holding their hand. Bonus points if this is a girl/guy you've had a crush on for a while! When you really feel the scare coming on, you can squeeze that person's hand or get a bit closer to them, which should calm your nerves a bit and keep you from over-reacting.

Repeat in your head, "this is fun."

It helps to remember that you are in the haunted house to have a good time. As you navigate through the house, repeat in your head, over and over again, "this is fun." You'll convince your brain of this, putting it further into fun mode and less into panic mode. Yes, you will still be scared, but that scared feeling will be accentuated with a fun feeling that keeps you from acting like too much of a fool.

Think ahead.

As you meander through the haunted house, try to look a little bit ahead of where you are going so you can predict what's going to happen. Do you see a corner coming up? Anticipate someone jumping out of that corner to scare you so that when it happens, you're not quite as startled. Do you see a random door on the wall? Anticipate that there might be knocking on it or blood squiring from it when you get closer. Try to think like the house's designers, and you won't be as shocked by what happens.

Keep moving.

Sometimes, people start navigating a haunted house and end up shaking in their boots so badly that they forget to keep moving forward. But this just delays your trip through the maze and may make the actors even more intent on scaring you in an effort to move you along. Try to keep walking forward, even when you do become scared, so you can avoid this "extra scare" the actors pull out for slow pokes.

If you keep these tips in mind, you should reach an appropriate scare level without embarrassing yourself.