Three Safety Tips For Your First Axe Throwing Outing

Posted on: 15 November 2021

An evening of axe throwing can be memorable for you and a group of friends, whether you're celebrating someone's birthday or are just looking for something different to do during an evening get-together. You'll be able to play a number of games that fire up your competitive spirit, as well as enjoy some refreshments throughout the evening. If you haven't previously gone axe throwing, it's important for you to make safety a top priority. Here are some safety tips that are critical for first-timers to remember.

Dress The Right Way

Dressing the right way for your axe throwing outing can help to keep you and your group members safe. It's worthwhile to check the axe throwing center's website prior to your visit to learn about any dress code rules. Commonly, players cannot wear open-toed shoes. You'll want to choose comfortable footwear that offers stability when you're standing and stepping. You should also avoid excessively baggy clothing that could catch on your axe, as well as large and loose pieces of jewelry.

Don't Grab Your Axe Until You're Ready To Throw

There may be a part of you that wishes to grab an axe well in advance of your turn to throw. You might feel that holding it will help you to get a feel for it, for example. It's important, however, to not grab an axe until you're safely in the throwing lane and ready to make your throw. Holding a sharp tool in your hand while you're moving around your fellow group members and perhaps even grabbing some refreshments is not safe. Once you're in the throwing lane with no one immediately around you, you can grab an axe and prepare to throw it.

Stay Clear Of Other Players

You should also make a habit of staying clear of other players when they have an axe in their hands. For example, when someone is standing at the line and getting ready to make a throw, you don't want to walk up behind them to engage them in conversation — even if doing so is tempting because of the fun, social nature of your outing. When someone throws an axe, they lift it and move it behind their head at the start of the swinging motion. The last place that you want to be when someone begins to throw their axe is immediately behind them. Additionally, you don't want to distract any other players and affect their accuracy.

If you have any safety-related questions during your visit, simply speak to an employee. Contact a company like Axe Kicking Entertainment to learn more.