5 Types of Ground-Based Fireworks

Posted on: 31 March 2021

If you want to set off fireworks, but you don't want to have them fly up high into the sky, you want to purchase non-aerial fireworks, which are also referred to as ground fireworks. There are lots of different types of ground fireworks that you can purchase.

Type #1: Smoke Balls

A smoke ball is a type of firework that is round, like a small bouncy ball. It has a small fuse on top of it. When you light the fuse, smoke will come out until the ball is completely burned up. The smoke that comes out will be the same color as the ball is. This can be a fun way to add some colorful smoke to your ground-based firework show.

Type #2: Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are tiny fireworks. When you lit them up, each firework will jump and pop off the ground. As they are small, most only jump a few inches off the ground, although some are known to go higher. They will emit colors as they jump up and down on the ground for a few seconds. These types of fireworks work best on a solid surface, like asphalt or cement.

Type #3: Ground Spinners

A ground spinner is designed to spin on the ground, usually within a radius of a few inches, although you should give all ground spinners at least a few feet of space to move around with.

Ground spinners are fun, as they will emit different colors of light as they spin. They will also create little sparks as well.

Type #4: Fountains

One of the most commonly purchased types of ground firework is a fountain. Fountain fireworks look more like aerial fireworks, but they don't have a big bang, and they do not shoot up into the sky.

Fountain fireworks come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The general principle of a fountain firework is that you light a fuse, and then the fireworks will shoot sparks and colors out of various tubes.

Fountain fireworks can last a long time and can emit fireworks with various colors and patterns. Fountain fireworks are not entirely silent either; most will emit a crackling or whistling sound as they go off.

Type #5: Wheels

Wheels are another type of ground fireworks. They will literally spin around on the ground and are shaped like a small plastic wheel or disc. When you light a wheel firework, they will shoot off like a small rocket on the ground, spinning around and releasing sparks or flames as it goes.

As with all fireworks, only an adult should handle the fireworks. You should always have a hose and bucket of water nearby as well to deal with any sparks that go astray. With wheels, jumping jacks, and ground spinners, release them on a solid concrete or asphalt surface.

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