Are You Planning A Birthday Party For Your Young Son?

Posted on: 12 March 2019

If your son is having a birthday in the near future, he is more than likely already giving you ideas for presents he'd love to receive. In addition, he might be talking about the kids he wants to invite to his birthday party. If you and your son have already planned the theme of the party, you're good to go. However, if you are still in the planning stages of your son's birthday event, from arranging for the kids to go to an outdoor mini-golf course to making invitations, here are some ideas that might help you plan a birthday party that will be remembered favorably for a very long time.

Arrange For Mini Golf - Have you been to a facility that serves something like pizza or tacos and also has a mini-golf course? If so, you already know that the kids who attend your son's party would love that setting. If you haven't been to a game arcade facility that also offers food, consider checking one out. You will more than likely want to arrange for your son's birthday party to be held there, not only for the fun of it for the kids but also for the convenience you will experience.

If there is a choice of food, consider making that selection yourself. That will cut out a bunch of kids wanting different things. And, find out ahead of time if you can bring your own birthday cake. Of course, the facility might have birthday cakes that you can special order, too. Tell the person you speak with how many guests will be in attendance so that they can be ready for your group. 

The Mini Golf Invitations - Consider making the birthday party invitations with your son. Of course, you could send an email invitation, and that would be simple. But there's just something extra special about getting an invitation in the mail that sets the mood for the party.

If you do decide to send handmade invitations, think of having a golf theme as part of the focus of the invitation. Even a colorful stick figure of a boy swinging a golf club would be fun. Or, send an actual depiction of a golf ball that is wearing a happy face. You could add words like, Come and have a ball at my birthday party! Be sure to include a space for RSVPs so you'll have a good idea of how many kids to plan for. 

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