Interesting Ways For Your Youth Group To Rely Upon Teamwork To Accomplish A Task

Posted on: 16 October 2017

As a youth group leader, you may be trying to teach your members the importance of teamwork in order to complete tasks successfully and in a reasonable amount of time. The following enjoyable and rewarding activities will require teamwork and will strengthen bonds between your group members:

Visit An Escape Room

An escape room is a specially designed space that tests reasoning skills and patience. Rooms are designed to look like a particular setting, such as the inside of a submarine or a small cabin. Make a reservation to visit a public venue that offers the rental of an escape room. On the day of the event, walk into the room that was selected. After the door is locked, you and your group members can attempt to solve a series of clues in order to unlock the door. Group members can discuss the current situation and come up with individual suggestions that may be helpful.

Because everyone is in the same precarious situation, each member has the opportunity to be helpful by solving a clue or deciphering a portion of the information that has been provided. An escape room can be challenging but is designed to be entertaining. Even if you and your group members fail to exit a room in the amount of time allotted, participating in the event will likely improve camaraderie between group members. 

Prepare And Serve A Meal For A Good Cause

During a meeting with your youth group, discuss the benefits of preparing a meal for a good cause. For example, you and your group members could hold a benefit dinner that involves raising funds for underprivileged families or you could serve a homecooked meal at a soup kitchen or another facility that serves homeless people.

After deciding upon a cause, have your group discuss meal options. Allow each person to suggest food items that interest them and take a vote to decide upon a winning dish. Prepare a shopping list and delegate preparation and cooking steps to each of the members. Allow your group to work as a whole when it comes time to serve the food items to the people that everyone has selected.

Hold An All-Day Sports Extravaganza

Choose some team sports for your group members to participate in. Basketball, soccer, or hockey are some popular sports that you may decide upon. Take your group to a recreational center that offers a playing area and divide your youth group up into two teams. As players are competing, show your support by cheering them on and praising them whenever a point is made. At the end of the sports day, hand out certificates that have your member's names printed on them to award each person for their participation.

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