4 Things To Analyze When Checking Out Wedding Venues In Person

Posted on: 24 April 2019

While thinking about what you want for your wedding and from a wedding venue, you may consider some of the most important details such as theme and location. If you are interested in an indoor venue, your options will naturally be limited to venues that are located indoors.

When you look at wedding venues in person, you should consider all the things worth analyzing that you will not be able to gather information on from only looking at photos online.

Outside Noise

If you are planning to have a large wedding with more than a hundred guests, you may not be too worried about outside noise because you know that the event itself will be somewhat loud. However, this may not be the case when you are planning a small and intimate wedding. When you only intend for close family and friends to be at the wedding, you may want to make sure the outside noise while you are in the venue is minimal to keep it from disturbing the wedding.

Internet Connection

Another detail worth looking at is the internet connection throughout the venue because you may want to feel confident about everyone using the internet on their phones. An ideal situation is when everyone can connect to a wireless connection provided by the venue. This will help you avoid a situation in which some phone providers may not have the most reliable connection.

If you intend on streaming music for the ceremony and reception, you should consider making an offline backup that allows you to play music without needing an internet connection. However, you will appreciate the flexibility to pick different songs based on your mood with reliable internet.

Cellular Service

While a wireless internet connection will help your guests use their phone to post photos of the event to social media, you may want to make sure that they can also send texts and make phone calls if necessary. A great idea is to check out a venue in person with people who have several different carriers. This will help you determine whether a venue will be able to provide guests with working phone service.

Sound System

If some of the sound system in a venue is on display, you may find that it looks attractive, but this does not mean that the speakers, tweeters, and subwoofers will satisfy your needs. An effective way to analyze the sound system is to play your preferred music during a tour. Playing music that you listen to will help you analyze the system since you will know how it should sound.

Analyzing these details with every wedding venue will help you pick the right one for your needs.